A veterinarian-authored, step-by-step guide to a successful recovery after TTA surgery, for dogs of all ages and breeds. Since 2007, tens of thousands of pet parents have benefitted from TopDog’s instructions, videos, and support community to help their dogs achieve a successful recovery to Get Better, Feel Better and Stay Better™ quickly so they can live their best lives after major orthopedic surgeries. Best of all, it’s FREE!
  • Step-b-Step Instructions On Daily Therapies, With Support Videos & Community
  • Recommended By Top Veterinary Surgeons
  • Used By Tens-of-Thousands of Pet Owners Just Like You Since 2007
  • Authored By Trusted Veterinarian Dr. James St. Clair
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  1. You will have the confidence and security knowing that you can actually help your dog heal.
  2. You will have the confidence knowing that the information you have, can be trusted because it was authored by a veterinarian who has already helped thousands of other dogs and pet owners just like you.
  3. You will learn exactly what you need to do to prepare your home and make it safe for your dog
  4. You will learn a number of simple things you can do to help relieve your dog’s pain or discomfort
  5. You will learn how to keep your dog safe and prevent future injuries
  6. You will find all the information has been crafted in a very easy to understand format and language
  7. You will have specific step-by-step instructions that are simple to follow
  8. Not only are there color photos showing you how to perform the therapies and exercises, but you will also have access to instructional videos that visually show you how to do it
  9. You will have access to Dr. James and the TopDog Staff to answer any questions you may have
  10. You can access our TopDog Facebook page where there are thousands of pet owners who have already been through the whole process and also those who are currently in the same situation as you

Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation

II. Preparing for the Homecoming

Step-by-Step instructions on what you need to do from day one to prepare your home for the best recovery.

III. The Week-by-Week protocol of Cruciate

The Master Plan providing detailed weekly instructions and guidelines on exactly what you need to do day-by-day, week-by-week.

IV. Therapy Modalities

Cold Therapy  Learn why and how icing is the best anti-inflammatory and helps control pain in the early days after surgery.

Moist Heat  Learn about the benefits of moist heat therapy; why it is important and how exactly to do it.

Massage  One of the most under-valued therapies. You don’t have to be a skilled massage therapist to transfer the power of touch.

Passive Range of Motion (PROM)  Though simple in theory most people don’t truly understand its benefits and exactly how to perform this essential therapy.

Stretching  Immensely beneficial yet potentially detrimental, you will learn the basics of safe stretching.

V. Strengthening Exercises

Slow Controlled Leash Walks  Simple in concept and one of THE MOST IMPORTANT exercises you can do, yet 90% of dog owners don’t get it. We detail exactly what it means.

Sit-to-Stand  The second most important muscle-strengthening exercises you can do to build hind leg muscle. Proper form is key and we tell you how.

Slow Controlled Hill Walks  A simple introduction of hills at the right time can make an immense difference in muscle development. Yet to soon could be a very bad thing. Inside we explain.

Stair Climbing  Almost all of us have them in our house, but incorporating them too soon could be a disaster. Learn when and how to use stairs to your advantage for a successful recovery.

Swimming  One of my favorite exercises, but you have to be careful getting in and out.

VI. Balance and Proprioceptive Exercises

Weight Shifting  A simple exercise that you should be doing from day one.

Figure Eights

Outdoor Obstacles

VII. Additional Rehabilitation Modalities

VIII. Home Therapy Program Worksheet

IX. Doctor’s Instructions Table

At least once a week for years, someone will always say…I would happily pay for this information… or Your information is a lifesaver why don’t you charge for this? My answer is always this…That’s not who we are.* (*Of course, we do charge for the hardcopies which are available online).

We follow our deep rooted Core Beliefs and Vision for TopDog as a company.

  • We BELIEVE that in order for a dog to get the best care, their owner needs to want to learn how they can help them heal.
  • We BELIEVE that even though the internet is amazing for disseminating information, often there is bad or dangerous information and therefore it is our RESPONSIBILITY to be one beacon of tangible trusted information.
  • We BELIEVE that if we can add value and improve the quality of life of even one dog or one dog lover then it was worth it. (Karma is very much alive)
  • We BELIEVE that if we over-deliver and WOW our customers they will be more open to trying our other products

This is why our information is Free.


Educating your clients about the importance of post-surgery therapy and rehabilitation is critical. In addition, it is imperative that this information comes directly from your hospital, their trusted source for information. TopDog’s Home Rehabilitation Books provide a simple solution to this problem.


  • Adds Value to the Clients Experience with Your Hospital
  • Authored by a veterinarian
  • Safe and Conservative Guidelines
  • Provides a time-saving solution for discharge
  • Reduces incidental follow up calls dramatically

Want us to send you a free copy? Are you interested in learning more about our veterinary professional’s discount? Email [email protected] and join the hundreds of other veterinary hospitals which use these as the go-to guides for post-op client instructions.

Dear Pet Owner,

If you are stressed and upset about your dog’s injury and worried about how you are going to help them get back to normal..then you have come to the right place. At TopDog we BELIEVE that when it comes to your dog’s health, safety, and well-being YOU need to take matters into your own hand and become better educated. We BELIEVE in YOU and YOUR DOG’S ability to heal. We do this by providing easy to understand, step-by-step information that you can trust and works. Download Your Book

My name is Dr. James St.Clair, and I am the Founder and Director of Veterinary Medicine here at TopDog Health. In 2004, we opened our first veterinary rehabilitation facility focused on helping dogs recovery after surgery. I quickly realized that there were two MAJOR problems for pet owners.

Problem #1 There was a huge lack of quality/trusted information available to pet owners online

Problem #2 There were major variations in the amount and consistency of information that veterinarians were providing to their to clients after surgery and my team and I NEEDED to help them

Since then TopDog has helped tens-of-thousands of pet owners have access to this vital information and best of all we are going to help both you and your dog today. We BELIEVE in YOU. It is a fact that your dog can achieve a FULL recovery, but you need the RIGHT PLAN and the RIGHT INFORMATION.

Pet owners unanimously say that TopDog over-delivers in everything we do, from the wealth of free information we provide to the incredible quality of our products, to our honest and caring customer service and support.

The proof is in the results.

Don’t wait another minute. Please allow us to help your dog. Simply download your free home rehab Book and start educating yourself on how you can help your dog recovery today.

All the best,

Dr. J

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Your Road To Recovery

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    Comprehensive Education

    We are dedicated to providing pet owners with all the information you need to help your dog get back to active. From the start of your dog’s recovery, understanding the surgery and how to prepare your home Our constantly evolving rehab center is home to all the trusted resource you will need to help your dog recovery successfully

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    Complete Joint Nutrition

    Our suite of joint health supplements is carefully formulated to work together to nourish and strengthen your dog’s joints. Backed by science, our supplements are meticulously formulated by veterinary professionals to ensure amazing results.

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    Between our free rehabilitation guides, explanatory videos, and curated blog, we’re focused on answering the questions you have and those you haven’t even thought of yet.

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    Whether through our Facebook support community, weekly rehabilitation emails, or dedicated customer support team, We are here for you and your dog on your journey back to active. Nothing matters more to us than your dog’s health and happiness. We want to see wiggly butts and afternoon zoomies.

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