This is not something that I normally do, but I am sooooo happy with GlycanAid HA that I am compelled to write this email and tell our story.

Isi, our 18 lb tiny golden doodle at the young age of 1 year started holding her hind left leg up and taking a few steps on 3 legs when she got up from resting. I immediately googled to find out what could be going on and read a lot of how glucosamine could really help. I ordered a product that was widely recommended on the internet and made an appointment with our vet. It was suggested that we keep her quiet for a few months, no running, jumping or playing and to start her on the glucosamine as she probably had a luxating patella. Not an easy task with a 1 year old pup! After three months it was not getting any better, worse in fact, so back to the vet we go.

She then suggested that we take her to a very reputable surgeon. We made the appointment and brought her in, she was diagnosed with a partial tear in her ACL and surgery was recommended. Of course we felt terrible for our little girl and wanted to do what was best for her so we made the appointment for surgery. The day before the surgery she became violently sick (she had a very bad reaction to he yearly shots which she had two weeks before.) The appointment for surgery was cancelled and I again I resorted to the internet following a link from the surgeons website to the Top Dog website. I read all the rave reviews and thought there couldn’t be any difference in the product we were using and GlycanAid HA. I kept on giving her what we had and did see some improvement but any time she ran around the house sure enough she was limping again that night.

I was getting near the end of the bottle of glucosamine and decided to order GlycanAid HA, the bottle arrived and I figured I would finish what we had before opening the new bottle but after seeing her limping every other night I bit the bullet and switched her to GlycanAid HA. The improvement was almost immediate!!!! She has been on it now for 2 months and I have not seen her limp for the last 5-6 weeks. We slowly started taking her for walks again and she even had a few play dates without any issues! I cannot say how grateful we are to have found this product. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!