About Us

Dr. James St. Clair and his three dogs Marty, Albert, and Frankie

We are dog lovers. We love big dogs, small dogs, three-legged dogs, dogs of all breeds and ages. Our mission is to provide dog owners with the education and products they need to improve the lives of their dogs, especially those recovering from major orthopedic surgery.

TopDog Health was first created as a canine rehabilitation facility by veterinarian, Dr. James St. Clair. After discovering a lack of educational content and natural dog joint supplements in the marketplace, Dr. James decided to transform his practice into a dog joint health company.

In addition to providing complimentary TopDog Home Rehabilitation Guides®, step-by-step instructions, to assist dog owners with taking an active role in their dog’s rehabilitation from the most common orthopedic injuries, TopDog Health also offers natural anti-inflammatory supplements such as Flexerna Omega and MSM Joint Boost as well as robust combination joint supplements like GlycanAid to help ensure long term joint health for all canines.

Today, TopDog Health is recognized as the go-to resource for Pet Owner Information about Dog Orthopedic Disease, Surgery, and Rehabilitation and remain dedicated to innovating new products with natural ingredients in order to improve dogs’ lives.

All of us at TopDog Health are committed to helping you help your dogs get back on their paws.


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