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Dog braces and orthotic devices

Things to Know Before You Buy a Back, Hip, Leg, or Knee Brace for Dogs Dogs are driven to continue an active lifestyle and routine behaviors, even when they’re in pain. That’s why noticing pain or decreased mobility in your pet can be especially heartbreaking. You know it has to be bad if your dog…

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MSM For Dogs

What You Need to Know About MSM for Dogs: Common FAQs You may have heard great things about MSM for dogs, and with very good reason. But you may still have several questions about this sulfur-rich compound. Officially known as methylsulfonylmethane, MSM has primarily been used to enhance dog joint health, although its benefits extend…

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Why Should My Dog Take MSM?

MSM Benefits for Dogs: Going Beyond Joint Health You may be familiar with MSM as a top ingredient in dog joint supplements, but it also does so much more. Officially known as methylsulfonylmethane, MSM contains notable amounts of sulfur, an essential element your dog may not be receiving from his food or other sources. Sulfur…

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TopDog Announces New Look and New Products

TopDog New Developments Make Dog Health Easier (and More Fun) Although dogs tend to dig a routine, they’re also apt to get excited when you introduce them to something new. TopDog Health & Rehabilitation is bringing on the excitement with new developments – including a new look and brand new products – all designed to…

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Do Dog Joint Supplements Provide Enough MSM?

If your dog is regularly taking joint supplements, there is some good news and could-be-better news. The good news is that quality dog joint supplements can be helpful for your dog’s overall health, mobility and well-being. The could-be-better news is that the amount of MSM in the typical dog supplement is not enough to reap…

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How Absorption Enhancers Make Joint Supplements Work Better

When it comes to dog supplements, ingredients matter. But something else matters just as much, if not more. That something else is your dog’s ability to access the nutrients from those ingredients. Nutrients in dog supplements are less absorbable than nutrients found in food, which is why you often see supplements containing astronomical amounts of…

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