2019 Best Dog Apps

2019 Best Dog Apps

These days, there is an app for everything, even your furry baby! We’ve compiled some of our favorites below.

Best Dog First Aid Apps

1. ASPCA Pet Safety App for Lost Pets, Disaster Prep and Emergency Alerts

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“This free app shows pet parents exactly what to do in case of a natural disaster. It also allows pet owners to store vital medical records, and provides information on making life-saving decisions during natural disasters.”

2. Animal Poison by ASPCA

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“Focusing on dogs, cats, horses, and birds, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s (APCC) free mobile app helps owners quickly identify over 300 potential everyday hazards, providing crucial information about the severity of the problem and critical next steps. Information in the app comes from the expert veterinary staff at the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center, which has handled over 2.5 million cases of pets exposed to potentially toxic substances.”

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3. American Red Cross: Pet First Aid

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“‘Take care of your furry family member. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand. Get the app and be prepared to act when called upon. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know Pet First Aid.”

Best Dog Health Apps

1. Whistle 3

2019 top dog health apps

“This is an a ll-in-one GPS location & activity tracker for dogs & cats. As the Whistle device captures valuable data about your pet and their day, the Whistle app brings the data to life with additional software features and helpful insights to bring you closer to your pet and make your daily interactions simpler, smarter, and more joyful.”

2. Tractive Dog Walk

2019 top dog walking apps

“Track your daily walks with your beloved dog! Record the route, distance and the duration of each walk to see all the exercise your puppy gets each day. Take photos of your walks and share your great experiences with friends and family. You can even log where your puppy made a pee or a poo. Based on that pee marker you can see where your dog usually goes potty. Tractive Dog Walk App is a great way to create lasting memories! It’s also very helpful if you are a dog walker and want to record the pet’s activities for the owner.”

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3. Rover – Dog Sitters & Walkers

2019 top dog health apps

The Rover app was created for dog people by The Dog PeopleTM. Through the app, get adorable photo updates, GPS tracking of your dog’s walk, an easy way to message sitters or manage your business, and a secure way to book and pay. With over 200,000 pet sitters and dog walkers in the U.S. and Canada, Rover makes it easy to book pet care you can trust.”

Best Dog Friendly Place Finder App

1. BringFido

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Looking for a pet-friendly hotel? How about an awesome dog park, trail or beach? BringFido.com is the world’s leading pet travel website and the #1 trusted resource for dog owners looking for the lowdown on the best hotels, attractions, and restaurants that welcome pets. The BringFido App brings the best of the website to your phone, giving you free on-the-go access to pet-friendly information worldwide.

2. ScritchSpot

2019 top dog apps

ScritchSpot combines everything you need to make pet parenting easy and fun in one online destination. Use the app to find nearby pet-friendly locations on the map, adopt the perfect pet, use the pet camera filters and post your photos to our growing social network. You can also read dog and cat product reviews, book a pet sitter or dog walker, store and share pet care information, learn about dog training and cat behavior, and much more!”

Best Dog Training Apps

1. Puppr

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Puppr includes step-by-step video and photo instructions and a built-in clicker to help teach your dog tricks from basic obedience like “sit” and “stay” to advanced tricks like “fetch leash” and “sit pretty”. Great for both new and experienced dog owners.”

2. iClicker

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“The iClicker clicker trainer makes dog training fun, fast and effective.Clicker training is used by the top trainers in the world for basic and advance obedience, teaching tricks and solving behavior problems, and now you can too! Use correctly the iClicker makes obedience training, dog tricks and solving behavior problems a snap. Just follow the simple instructions to ‘charge’ the clicker or, your dog will just sit there wondering what on earth you are doing! It only takes a few minutes, it’s fun to see the recognition dawning on your dog’s face, and once done you can look forward to the best behaved and fun dog in the neighborhood.”

Best Dog Insurance App

1. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

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As the first pet insurance company to do away with the paper claim form, Healthy Paws is making it easier than ever to care for your pet. When it comes time to submit a claim, simply take a picture of the invoice from your vet’s office and submit it via the app. We’ll start processing your claim right away—no paperwork necessary! You can check your claim status anytime via the app. Use the Healthy Paws app to submit claims easily and paperlessly, check claim status, manage your policy, refer your friends for a $25 reward, view messages on the status of your claims or policy. The Healthy Paws app also gives you access to pet wellness articles and tips to make your life with pets happier and healthier.

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