TopDog Announces New Look and New Products

TopDog Announces New Look and New Products

TopDog New Developments Make Dog Health Easier (and More Fun)

Although dogs tend to dig a regular routine, they’re also apt to get excited when you introduce them to something new. TopDog Health & Rehabilitation is bringing on the excitement with new developments – including a new look and brand new products – all designed to make dog health easier and more fun.

New Look: Updated Labels for Dog Supplements 

Dogs aren’t too picky about modern design, but their humans do have a keen eye for aesthetics. TopDog took this into account when creating a fresh label design for its existing products. In the coming months, you’ll find updated labels on four of the company’s existing products.

GlycanAid HA New Look

The first to roll out will be, GlycanAid Maintenace which promotes a lifetime of healthy joints for your dog, and GlycanAid HA which revitalizes a dog’s painful joints with maximum joint support.

Next will come Flexerna Omega Capsules a natural anti-inflammatory containing extracted oil of the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel and hyaluronic acid (HA), delivering 50 mg of potent green-lipped mussel oil per capsule, and Flexerna Omega Pump a natural anti-inflammatory containing extracted oil of the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, HA, and fish oil, delivering 25 mg of green-lipped mussel oil per pump. Followed by the rehab guides and website.

The modernized label designs are more colorful, eye-catching and feature a striking dog photo (something that may grab your pooch’s attention).

New Product: MSM for Dogs

MSM Joint Boost is the new product, and it’s poised to become a top-selling dog supplement across the board. That’s because it contains a single ingredient: pure MSM powder for dogs. Officially known as methylsulfonylmethane, MSM is a sulfur-rich organic compound that’s vital for proper biochemical functioning and optimal joint health.

This new TopDog product contains OptiMSM®, which is known as the purest, safest, and most consistent MSM in the world. Although MSM is a common ingredient in dog joint supplements, not all companies use safe and pure OptiMSM®.

You’ll also find the amounts of MSM in supplements typically aren’t high enough to reap the full scope of MSM benefits. Supplementing your dog’s diet with MSM Joint Boost provides adequate amounts of MSM for exceptional health and well-being.

Available soon in plain and chicken flavors, MSM Joint Boost can be given in addition to your dog’s joint supplements or as a supplement on its own.

MSM Joint Boost Coming Soon

Bonus Addition: Bigger Dog Supplement Bottle

One more addition rounds out the new developments. Due to the extreme popularity of GlycanAid HA, the dog joint tablets will now be available in a 300-count bottle. This is in addition to the 60-count and 150-count bottles already on the market.

So how do all these changes make dog health easier and more fun? The new labels deliver pertinent info at a glance, instantly giving you the top benefits and attributes of the best-selling dog supplements. They’re also fun to look at (just ask your dog).

MSM Joint Boost makes it incredibly easy to supplement your dog’s diet with pure MSM powder – which can be sprinkled on food, mixed with water, or hidden in fun foods like cream cheese or peanut butter.

Finally, the 300-count GlycanAid HA bottle lets you conveniently stock up on maximum joint support while saving money by buying in bulk. And saving money is always fun.

Check out the new look and keep an eye out for the upcoming product launches at TopDog Health.

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