MSM For Dogs

MSM For Dogs

What You Need to Know About MSM for Dogs: Common FAQs

You may have heard great things about MSM for dogs, and with very good reason. But you may still have several questions about this sulfur-rich compound. Officially known as methylsulfonylmethane, MSM has primarily been used to enhance dog joint health, although its benefits extend to other issues and conditions. Below we will answer some of the most popular questions we are asked.

How is MSM made?

Although MSM is a naturally occurring substance found in the body and in many foods, the concentration levels in foods are very low. Heating, cooking, irradiation, or freezing for extended periods destroys the MSM in plants and meat, further decreasing the chances of getting MSM from natural sources.

There is also no feasible way to isolate, extract, or grow the amounts of MSM required for proper diet supplementation.

The only way to create MSM is through a chemical reaction, specifically between DMSO and hydrogen peroxide. DMSO is a compound produced by a chemical reaction using methanol and either hydrogen sulfide or carbon disulfide.

That said, no MSM on the market is more “natural” than another, as all are produced synthetically.

Is all MSM created equal?

No. Even though there is no difference in the MSM creation process, you will find a big difference when it comes to the purification process, quality of the manufacturing, testing levels and specifications.

OptiMSM®, gets gold stars across the board for its purification process, quality of the manufacturing, testing levels and specifications. The brand pioneered a multi-stage distillation process that purifies the end product, which is the same as the MSM found in nature.

TopDog only uses OptiMSM in MSM Joint Boost and other products containing MSM for dogs. OptiMSM is the purest, safest and most consistent MSM in the world.

The OptiMSM Difference

How effective is MSM? 

Numerous MSM studies involving humans and animals have been done, and the results have been positive. A list of studies is available as a PDF from OptiMSM. Some of the positive results for animals include:

  • An exercise study that found MSM significantly improved negative exercise-related changes in the bodies of jumping horses, with a combination of MSM and vitamin C having even greater effects
  • A joint support study that found MSM intake decreased degeneration of the cartilage on the knee joint surface of mice
  • A joint support study that found MSM significantly diminished deformation, swelling and abnormal white blood cell proliferation in lymph nodes induced by collagen injections (to mimic rheumatoid arthritis) in mice
  • A joint support study that found MSM lessened the destructive arthritic changes in joints of mice
  • A joint support study that found MSM diminished inflammatory joint disease in mice

Additional animal studies found MSM helped protect against oxidative damage, while studies involving humans found MSM to be helpful for exercise recovery, joint support, allergy and immune responses, and skin.

How do you give your dog MSM?

MSM for dogs comes in either powder or capsule form. Both are given by mouth. MSM powder can be sprinkled on food, mixed in water or hidden in moist food, such as cream cheese or peanut butter. MSM is best given with food or after a meal to avoid stomach upset.

What if my dog misses a dose of MSM?

If your dog misses a dose of MSM, you can give it to him when you remember – or you can skip the dose if it’s already nearing time for his next regularly scheduled dose. Never give your dog two doses of MSM at the same time or extra doses of MSM.

How much MSM do I give my dog?

The MSM dosage for dogs depends on the specific product you’re using. Follow the instructions on the product label or your vet’s recommendation, if given under the guidance of your vet.

Does MSM have any potential side effects?

Possible side effects may include upset stomach, decreased appetite, restlessness, fatigue, headache or diarrhea.

Are there any drug interactions with MSM?

Whenever you receive a prescription medication, always consult your veterinarian about any supplements you are taking. However, there are no known interactions between MSM and sulfadrugs and each work through different mechanisms within the body.

What should I do in an emergency?

If your dog appears to be having an adverse reaction to medication or you suspect he ingested too much MSM, immediately call your vet’s office. Contact an emergency facility if the vet is not available.

How do I store MSM?

The storage recommendations may vary for specific MSM products, but it’s generally stored at room temperature away from light and moisture.

Why should I use TopDog’s MSM? 

TopDog’s MSM Joint Boost features OptiMSM®, which is known as the purest, safest, and most consistent MSM in the world. Although MSM is a common ingredient in dog joint supplements, not all companies use safe and pure OptiMSM®.

While you’ll find MSM as an ingredient in many quality dog joint supplements, the levels of MSM are generally not adequate enough to reap the full range of benefits.

MSM Joint Boost contains the single ingredient of MSM powder for dogs, which you can use in conjunction with your dog’s existing joint supplements or as a supplement on its own.

Either way, it lets you ensure your dog is getting adequate amounts of MSM to enjoy all the benefits it brings.