ACL Surgery: When’s a good time?

ACL Surgery: When’s a good time?


My dog tore his ACL last year, I had it repaired and I followed you guys and was very happy with the outcome. Now his other leg might need repaired. I am seeking advice. In 12 weeks I am taking him to the beach. I have rented a beach house to allow him to join us on vacation. He is really favoring his so called good leg more and more and I’m afraid he will need surgery. Do I have enough time to repair it and have him healthy to allow him to play on the beach and in the water safely without injuring the surgical procedure? Or should I just wait and watch him limp more and more until after his vacation. I just don’t know what the best choice is for him. Usually after some time his limp goes away but comes back after a few days with increased activity. I am asking as many people as I can to try and make the best decision for him. His is a year old Chesapeake bay retriever.

Any opinion or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. 


I would go for the surgery soon than later. With 12 weeks to spare you will be ok. That said, I would probably at that point not let him be running like crazy and jumping in and out of the water. The reason to fix it now is based on the progression of arthritis. The longer you wait to stabilize the knee the more inflammation and secondary arthritis that will develop.

Hope this helps!

-Dr. J