The 5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Canine Rehabilitation Professional in Their Life

The 5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Canine Rehabilitation Professional in Their Life

Just like in human medicine, there are specialist for every part of your dog’s body.

If you have a back problem you go to a neurologist, a bone problem you go to an orthopedic specialist and both of them almost always will refer you to a physical therapist to complete or manage your recovery.

Physical therapists are flat out essential in human health care and do amazing work.

Here’s why…

  • They are masters of motion, manipulation and certain non-pharmaceutical pain management modalities.
  • They are amazing hands-on educators and empower their patients by teaching them what they can do at home from simple stretches to developing exercise plans to achieve long term success.
  • Best of all they are holistic in their approach, performing extensive evaluations so that they can tailor an individualized program to meet the specific needs of that patient.

Well the same holds true for our canine family members, except in the world of animals, we refer to them as certified canine rehabilitation therapist/practitioners. (CCRT or CCRP).

Veterinarians, technicians or human physical therapists can take this certification course in 1 – 3 years to advance their knowledge of animal rehabilitation therapies and modalities.

In recent years the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation was established to create an intensive program with full residency for an additional 3-6 years of training for veterinarians who want to extend their knowledge even further.

This elite group of doctors are trail blazing new techniques and modalities to help animals restore function and return to an optimal life.

The Top 5 Reason Why Your Dog Needs a Canine Rehabilitation Professional in their Life

1. Your Dog Is Worth It

Because your dog deserves the best level of care available. If you need a physical therapist then your dog needs a canine rehabilitation therapist/practitioner.

2. Their Attention To Detail

Canine rehabilitation professionals perform extremely detailed and comprehensive evaluations that a general practitioner or even an orthopedic specialist will not perform. This allows them to take the “WHOLE” dog into consideration and create a plan that is specific to your dog’s needs.

3. Hands On Teaching

They will develop tailored home programs specific for your dog so you can help in the recovery process and then they will teach you and show you exactly how and what to do at home.

4. They Are Specialized 

They have specialized equipment and knowledge that a general veterinarian does not have access to help relieve pain and rebuild strength and function.

5. Your Dog Will Thank You  

You dog will honestly love the experience. The vast majority of dogs love going for physical therapy because there is a ton of love, a ton of touch time and personal attention during the typical one-hour appointment. They know these amazing professionals are helping them and they know they are getting better.


If your dog has had recent orthopedic surgery, back surgery or is struggling to manage chronic joint health problems then seeking out these specialized trained individuals is simply the best thing you can do to help your dog.

Here at TopDog Heath we have assembled a comprehensive directory of canine rehab facilities in the USA. You can go here to find one near you.

Or if your dog has recently had a major joint surgery you can use one of our at-home rehabilitation guides to help them during recovery. You can find them here.