My 1 1/2 year old Newfoundland, Tallulah, completely tore her CCL, March 27, while playing fetch inside the house. She tripped on a purse and got tangled in the strap and immediately began limping and “toeing”. It was devastating to the whole family to see her go from healthy and happy to sad and lame.

We opted for TTA surgery on April 2nd and subsequent rehab with the therapy dept. She came through it very well. They released her to home therapy at 8 weeks and I continued to give her the joint supplement that I purchased at the vet’s office.

At about 12 weeks post op I decided to try GlycanAid HA and almost immediately noticed a difference in her gait and activity level. We are at 20 weeks post-op and she is stronger and more active than I have ever known her to be. I’m a believer!

Thank you for this wonderful supplement! We will never be without it. I’ve had family members ask if you make it for humans. Lol!