Granite, our 6 year old lab, had FHO surgery on November 10th..we are now about 3 months out, and she is doing fantastic! We finished her old joint supplement and a month ago put her on GlycanAid HA. She is doing about 2 miles of exercise per day, off/on leash..she is back to  chasing sticks, climbing hills and swimming in the Bear River when it is not too cold. We followed your rehab guide religiously and were very vigilant over what we allowed her to do…what an amazing recovery! Her leg muscle is almost all built back to pre-surgery level and she is again, our happy, robust companion..your website, I discovered by sheer accident, and I cannot express how wonderful it was! I fully give credit to the FHO guide, exercises, videos and weekly guides for exercises for Granite’s amazing return to mobility..she is on GlycanAid HA 2 times a day and is doing so well, we are nothing but thrilled! Thank you so much for having this site available.  We knew what to expect and this eased our worries and stress greatly! I would hug you if I could and Granite sends sloppy Labrador kisses to you as well for all the support to her humans! Wish you could see her! She is truly another success story for Top Dog!