I discovered your products while searching for a canine joint supplement made with ingredients not sourced from China. Dr. St. Clair’s prompt, informative and caring replies to my questions impressed me. Unfortunately, I mistakenly ordered your GlycanAid HA when I meant to order the regular GlycanAid. So I figured I’d just switch to the regular GlycanAid after I used up the two bottles of GlycanAid HA that arrived. Well, that ain’t gonna happen.

This may be a coincidence (although I doubt it) but after being on GlycanAid HA for a couple weeks my 14 year old Aussie Karma…who had been stumbling, losing interest in food and generally winding down in old age (I thought)…began running in the yard, eating with relish and happily enjoying each day as a vibrant older dog. She was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor that has likely metastasized to her lungs which has led to some seizures and coughing but is otherwise a picture of health and continues with the improvements seen after we started the GA-HA. The difference is obvious and remarkable.

Karma, along with our other two Aussies, Tango and Skid, will be staying on GlycanAid HA. Thanks so much for a quality product made with quality ingredients and for discounting with your SmartShip auto-ship program. You guys rock!