Our Golden Doodle, Billie had surgery on her knee about 3 years ago.  That’s when I found your web site and downloaded your rehab manual.  Thank goodness for this resource.  While the vet gave us general instructions, we’re certain Billie’s recovery would never have been as complete without your detailed manual.

Well, a few months ago Billie started favoring that same back left leg and we were sure the surgery had come “un-done”.  However, when the vet x-rayed her leg she told us that the knee was just fine but unfortunately she had hip dysplasia.  The vet sent us home with pain meds and told us there was little that could be done.  I came back to your site and read the testimonials for the Glycanaid HA Advanced Joint Health Formula and got her started on it right away.   Billie’s a big girl (84lbs.) so we were dosing her 3x a day to begin with and she is now on maintenance of 2 a day.  Within just a few weeks she was walking without a limp on all 4 legs instead hopping around on 3. What a joy to see her back to her old self.  We’ve given up playing ball because that causes her to make sudden stops and turns and we know that’s not good for her hip, but otherwise she‘s back to chasing after the chickens, herding our alpacas, swimming in the pond and all without the slightest sign of pain.  We are so thankful and so is Billie!