I am surprised (though I shouldn’t be), amazed and delighted to report that adding that third tablet of GlycanAid-HA has made the difference we were looking for!  Even in just one week – well, in fact, in a matter of days – we could see a difference.  Miss Be Haven, our 5 year old, 50 lb. Boxer/Dalmatian, more than a year after her TTA surgery, has finally been pain free even after running (and jumping in the air with joy just a few times).  Thank you, Dr. J., you rock, man! Thank God and Dog for your brain and your passion for the health and happiness of dogs!

We started her on a 4 tablet loading dose, and kept her on that for 2 months – although a slightly higher dose than your literature suggests, we thought it was wise because she was having real problems following surgery in spite of all the therapies we were doing with her. Then kept her on a 2 tablet daily dose – also a little on the high-ish side.  That’s been about 9 months now.  She was doing MUCH better, but if we let her run (or even worse, jump), then she’d be in pain afterward, having difficulty getting up and down and limping around the house. We were a little concerned about going up one more tablet – not wanting to overdose her – but that’s exactly what she needed.  She’s pure muscle, fit and trim and gorgeous, if that makes any difference.

I’ve come to accept the fact that she’ll never be the dog she once was and have let go of the dream of agility competitions, but she can still live an active and pain-free life.  So she continues her work as both a service dog and a therapy dog, continues to take classes in various types of activities that don’t include jumping, and I can finally let her run hard through the fields and do her “zoomies” around the house without worrying that later in the day I’ll be helping her get out of her bed.  And if I’m really careful, I can even throw a stick – or a frisbee or a ball or a toy or a treat or a bumper… – and watch the pure poetry of her athletic body fly after it.  Just a few times, but I can do it without guilt so my heart can fly with her.

Dr. J., please please please never change!