Little over 3 years ago my then, 2 1/2 year old Boxer, Belle, ran a Luring Course and started favoring her back left leg that very evening. When I got to my vet two days later, he said she either strained or partially tore her ACL, but the shelf action wasn’t severe enough for a positive diagnosis. We decided to give it a week or so with pain and anti-inflammatory meds before I made a decision to take action, which would be surgery.   I searched the web and found Dr. James St. Clair and TopDog Health and Rehab.  I read everything I could get my eyes on so I would know what I was dealing with and made a conscious decision to go with Dr. James St. Clair’s ACL Rehab Program and GlycanAid HA exclusively.  I felt that if the ACL wasn’t completely torn, I had a chance to treat it back to health with Rehab and a good joint formula.   I also knew a little about the HA factor, as I, personally, had been taking a series of knee shots (Euflexxa)  that contained HA and they were keeping me moving without pain or surgery.  It was such a positive to see that the canine world had the same idea of keeping healthy knees, etc.

I started out on the double dosage of GlycanAid HA and have continued on the maintenance dosage ever since.   Knowing what the HA factor has done for my knees, I am very thankful that I found it for my dog. My vet warned me that once Belle had injured one leg, she could have the same injury to the other leg because she would be using it so heavily while recovering from the first injury.   I was quite determined that that was not going to happen.   I attribute no further injuries to following Dr. James St. Clair’s ACL Rehab Program to the letter and continuous use of GlycanAid HA to keep her joints and connective tissues healthy.  She recovered without surgery or further injuries.

You just need to read the label to see the comprehensive listing of ingredients!! These are the same ingredients used on the ‘holder’ of-the-leash to keep our joints healthy!  Belle is back to agility training and competing, her Therapy Dog work…and just enjoying life, as only a Boxer can.

So whether your canine is coming off an injury, rehabbing from a strain or torn ligament, recovering from joint/ligament surgery or has arthritis, I would highly recommend putting the dog on GlycanAid HA immediately and checking out all the great rehab outlines from TopDog Health and Rehab.  If  HA is good enough for me, it is good enough from my dog.   In Belle’s case, it meant no surgery and a back-to-health and activity for her.  GlycanAid HA is with us for life.