I’m skeptical of all the supplements recommended for my dogs hind legs. He, a 10 year old mixed breed, had three surgeries on two legs. The vet was not particularly effusive of any supplement, ” you can try them ” she said dryly. Dr. J’s knee surgery handbook was the only one available anywhere , and after following it the best we could, we decided to try his supplement.

I’m still as skeptic and can only offer my observation on our dog. Surely each dog will react differently to supplements. Ours is doing fantastic ! It could be the recovery time from the surgery , it could be his reduced diet. But I will tell you that we were using Dasequin and Welactin for quite some time with very little change in his activity level or use of the back legs. Now we use the GlycanAid HA and Welactin and can see that he runs and jumps like he used to before the surgeries. He is very active, has built back muscle in those legs and we are praying this is a permanent change for the better for the remainder of his years.