My 9 yr old Chocolate Lab, Moose, was diagnosed with a small partial tear if his left ACL in February of 2015. The doctor suggested, in lieu of a surgical procedure, a PRP, platelet rich plasma injection, in the effected area. This procedure ran $1,000.00 for the first procedure, and $600.00 for the second. Over a two month span, with limited walking and no stairs Moose continued to favor the hind leg. I decided to try GlycanAid HA, as I had read some of the good reviews, even though the majority were from post operative situations.

Moose is a muscular 105 lb dog, so we give him 4 tablets a day. I am happy to report that, although we curtail any running, but do 2 brisk 2 mile walks each day, Moose rarely favors the hind leg with the tear. I’m not saying this is a miracle drug, but it has seemed to curtail any pain or discomfort affiliated with his injury. Since March 2015 we have been giving Moose his daily dose of GlycanAid HA as it has enabled him to exercise and enjoy the outdoors as he did prior to the injury.

Thank you folks for enabling Moose to enjoy his daily activities without pain! Enjoy the Holidays and thanks again!