Hello Dr. J,
Snoopy, our 17ish year old rescue beagle is recovering well from his torn ACL a little over 8 weeks ago. He started GlycanAid HA several weeks ago and appears to be more confident with standing on his injured leg. He swims about 20 minutes a day with some in the water weight bearing. Now this is a dog who is currently also on IV chemo for soft tissue sarcoma diagnosed over 3 years ago, but recurred aggressively a year ago. He’s responding and tolerating doxorubicin amazingly well. Given the prior owner’s wanted to euthanize him 6 years ago due to a diagnosis of Valley Fever (the vet kept him and treated him, we adopted him 6 months later and that remains under control on maintenance fluconazole), a severe bout of Vestibular Disease about 3 years ago at which time it was suggested to euthanize him as they felt it was a central vestibular disease. A few months later with lots of rehab he was back to his normal self.
He was on Cosequin DS before switching to your product to try and help the healing process a little better. I think everyone is amazed at how well this 17 year old is doing.
Thank you.