Dear Dr. James,

I am glad you wrote because I wanted to reassure you that your instructions were excellent!  It is precisely because of your instructions, that my dog is recovering very quickly despite having torn the first ACL just 3 months prior to the tear of the second ACL.  Her muscles were not as wasted as they could have been had we not been on your rehab regiment.  My dog actually was walking and slipped on icy grass!  The weather is so unusual right now.  We had snow and then several days later it was very warm and the snow was melting.  It was slushy on the grass, then it froze and melted again.  That particular day, there were lots of muddy patches and our dog just happened to step on an icy patch and simply slipped!  We were all very heartbroken.  :(
After this second fall, we felt that we had to seek professional rehab assistance (beyond your wonderful internet information).  We are taking her to a rehab facility where twice a week she is receiving laser therapy on her knees and muscles, and using an underwater treadmill.  Everyone involved is quite surprised at her fast improvement.  I, personally, feel this is because we used your methods to help keep up her muscle strength.  Thank you!