Dr. J,

My 4 1/2 year old Lab mix Riley suffered a complete tear of her ACL in early April and had TTA surgery 13 weeks ago. If that wasn’t enough she also at the same time was diagnosed with moderate arthritis in both knees due to being infected with Lyme’s Disease despite getting the Lyme’s vaccine every year…which is a whole other story!

After surgery, we followed your TTA guide step by step and we started her on a name brand joint supplement recommended by and sold at our Vet’s office. While she was doing ok with her surgical knee, all the pressure she was putting on her “good” arthritic knee was taking its toll and she was now limping on both knees and was having difficulty going from sitting to standing. It was so difficult to watch her struggle and I was so disappointed that there was no difference using the first supplement. In the meantime, I kept reading all the good reviews about GlycanAid HA and decided it was worth a try…while being a bit skeptical especially after trying the name brand producing no change. Well I am happy to say that GlycanAid HA is amazing! First off Riley loves them…she literally looks forward to her “treats” twice a day. But more important GlycanAid HA has made a big difference in both her knees.

Riley is no longer limping, no longer has trouble going from sitting to standing and is back to her carefree self. The only problem we have is slowing her down until her final post operative x-ray in 3 weeks! Thank you for both the guide which we could not have done without during these past weeks and helped immensely in her recovery and the GlycanAid HA….we are on our second bottle and will never be without it…Riley will be on it for life.