My dog Rosco was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that affects his hind legs.  He drags his left rear leg so badly sometimes that he eventually ends up with no claw.  I purchased GlycanAid on June 9th and have been giving it to him every day since.  I noticed 3 weeks in that I wasn’t hearing the claw dragging on the kitchen tile and his tail was wagging more, but the biggest surprise is when he jumped up on my bed and actually cleared it without his hind legs slamming against the bed.  I was SHOCKED!!!

I know that he isn’t healed completely, but I do know that he is much happier and enjoys running in the backyard much more.

Thank you so much TopDog for the positive effect on Rosco.  I will continue to purchase GlycanAid for Rosco and now for my other dog Maxx.