Hi, my name is Brenda Rubin and I just wanted to tell you about Sammie. She’s a mixed breed rescue dog and is 9 years old. Two years ago she came running up on our deck around Thanksgiving and she couldn’t walk on her right hind leg. This left us very worried because our 11 year old lab greyhound mix had recently had surgery on both hind legs at about a year apart and we didn’t want Sammie to go through that. Of course we took her in and the vet said it was important she get surgery before Christmas. My sister-in-law told me about GlycanAid HA and I immediately came home and ordered some. Within a month Sammie was showing improvement! We were amazed. She’s been taking GlycanAid HA daily and never needed surgery and runs around with not even a limp! I also give it to my lab greyhound mix that had the surgery. We will continue to use GlycanAid HA because we love the results! Saved Sammie from surgery! Thank you so much Top Dog!