Thank you so much for all the information you provide over the web. If I may I would like to share my story with you. My son rescued a small dog from the park last fall. He was tied to a park bench, in the cold rain with a note attached to his neck to find him a home. My son, having grown up with many types of animals on our small farm could not abandon this sweet little being. He had frost bite on the tips of his ears. He immediately was attached to our family including all four of my cats.

He loves playing with his toys so much so that he was running in our family room while we were watching tv one night and all of a sudden he just got a little quiet. He didn’t say a word. I checked him out and he didn’t seem to have anything wrong. He was walking fine and all other functions seemed ok. By the following day he was limping slightly so we applied heat and ice therapy to his hip. It seemed to be swelling. Still he didn’t cry or wine when we tried to touch him. We decided to take him to our local veterinarian for an evaluation. X-rays revealed a femur fracture. The clinic gave us a couple of options. This was a horrible experience as we were faced with a financial dilemma. We love our animals but did not have the cash up front for the surgery and we were not given any type of payment options.

They took our dog, performed the surgery and then relinquished him to our local shelter. We were completely distraught. After pleading with our shelter, they realized our intentions and returned our precious Shadow back to us. The clinic had performed a FHO surgery and placed him on antibiotics and Metacam. No other instructions were given to us and we felt completely abandoned.

I didn’t know how to rehab this poor little animal or even understood what they had done to him. It was then I found your website and have been following as much as possible all of your guidelines for rehab. Shadow is now on GlycanAid HA and his energy level has doubled. This does however make it difficult to restrict his wanting to run. He was introduced to our hot tub for the first time this week and loved it. Every day we see more and more improvement.

We want to thank you for all the support you offer. The average pet owner has minimal knowledge on rehab care and the local professionals come at a very hefty price. Thank you so much for caring about animal and their owners. I don’t know how we would have gotten through these last two months.

I have been spreading the word about your website and the exceptional service and support you provide. Again I can’t thank you enough for all you do. You are awesome….