Bailey, a five year old black lab recovering from ACL surgery, has found it a wonderful  help for her owner – she particularly liked the moist heat therapy and massage – and still does even though we have passed the point where it is necessary. Seriously the booklet has been a great help – I showed it to my vet and he thinks it is a really good  source of information.  We are on week 5 ( should be on week 6 but my mom had hip replacement surgery two weeks ago and my time was pretty crunched) and Bailey is doing really well.  Went for her one month check – up and our vet thought she was several weeks ahead of where she should be in terms of movement and weight on her leg. Information is well written, concise and the descriptions of each activity ( i.e. puppy sits) very easy to understand.  Have also appreciated the weekly emails which have given additional information and tips. Thanks!