I would like to say just how much the TopDog rehab guides helped me and my dog through the CCL recovery process. They were truly beyond my expectations. While I was doing research on the internet for ways to help my dog recover from his CCL surgery I happened to luck out and find Dr.J’s information. I was thrilled to tears to discover the free downloads that he offered and I was not even his client! The rehab guides go above and beyond what I expected with not just written information but actual photo’s that instructed in detail how to apply and perform the various techniques. From the first scary days when your dog comes home they show you step by step how to use ice therapy, passive range of motion, using a sling or support to maneuver the dog. All very, very scary procedures to preform without the proper instructions to inexperienced, nervous dog parents. The guides don’t stop there they take you right to the end of recovery explaining and educating on all the different exercises and modalities of the rehab process with your dog.

Having had a dog go through two knee surgeries years ago when there was absolutely nothing available to help me help my poor dog, I wanted more!  Now years later I again found myself with a dog that ruptured his CCL and was sent home with little to no instructions on his recovery or rehabilitation needs. Thankfully, I was not satisfied with this lack of help and information and decided to research other possibilities. And so I found the TopDog rehabilitation guides via the internet, sadly not through my veterinarian or orthopedic surgeon.

My hope is these rehab guides be made available from veterinarians and surgeons to all who face these type surgeries and want the best possible outcome for their pups. Simply put they are invaluable. Take it from someone who knows all too well what it was like to face this surgery and recovery with no knowledge of what to expect. The TopDog rehabilitation guides are an absolute necessity.  Just pick one up and see for yourself how informative and professional yet easy to follow they are for all types of orthopedic recovery and rehabilitation. I would like to personally thank Dr.J and TopDog rehabilitation for sharing this wealth of information with the pet community and hope all veterinarians will follow in his footsteps.