Kayla is a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer that has been extremely active all her life. Unfortunately, she’s had a few injuries over the years but never really slowed her down.

However, in October 2011, two days after the loss of my big boy, and Kayla’s brother Chilco to cancer, Kayla was tackled by accident by another dog while on our walk.  Kayla slipped, yelped and was hardly able to walk.  It turned out that she had torn the ACL in her left hind leg.  Her Vet was hoping is was only a partial tear and recommended full rest for my girl.  It became obvious that she was not getting any better so Kayla was referred to an orthopedic surgeon.  He diagnosed Kayla with a full tear of her ACL and partial tear of the meniscus.  The surgeon recommended the TPLO surgery, which I immediately agreed to.

When I got home, I wanted to educate myself more about ACL injuries and TPLO surgery.  That’s when I came across the TopDog Health website and was extremely amazed that Dr. St. James had a wealth of information and was also offering a “free” rehabilitation guide post TPLO.

I then read about his product, GlycanAid HA-Factor.  I really liked what I was reading about the product but decided to do more research about what else was being offered out there as a similar product.  Honestly, I was disappointed that I couldn’t find anything remotely close to this product in Canada.  After comparing many available products, I came to the conclusion that the GlycanAid HA-Factor was probably the best product I could find.  I decided to order some so I could start Kayla on it immediately after her surgery, which took place just before Christmas in 2011.

Kayla was 12 years old at the time and I had already had her on other type of joint supplement but never really noticed any real differences.  Of course, Kayla went through several months of rehab, hydro-therapy after her surgery, but when she started to walk without a limp, I should note that I followed Dr. St. Clair’s Guide to TPLO rehab, which Kayla’s surgeon was even impressed with!

I became a firm believer that GlycanAid HA-Factor was really helping her.  Her “old” joints seem to be like new and no longer bothering her after exercising.  For me, it was like a miracle and for Kayla it was like she was given a new life!  Kayla has been on GlycanAid HA-Factor since and I have no intent of stopping.  My girl turned 14 1/2 yrs a couple days ago and she still loves going for walks, swimming.  Of course, she’s slowing down and can’t jump in the truck anymore but I’m sure she’d be in worse shape if I wouldn’t discovered this amazing product. Kayla’s Vet is amazed how she’s doing right now considering her age.  Kayla is also on medication for hypo-tyrodism, liver and recently on heart meds because of her murmur getting worse but nothing is stopping her for enjoying life.  I made her a promise when she was 2 months old, that I would give her the best life possible, which includes the best care, nutrition and supplements available. GlycanAid HA-Factor is one of them!  Nothing but the BEST for my girl Kayla!

Thanks Dr. St. Clair for caring so much for our furry family members, and sharing your knowledge & expertise with us.