Hi Dr. James,

Our golden is  five months out from surgery and I am very grateful to have had the benefit of your wisdom and guidance.  Connor started a weekly rehab program in December using the underwater treadmill and other strengthening exercises.  We of course are continuing conditioning him at home on a daily basis as well.  He is now off-leash with me while I snowshoe for 15-30 minutes and doing fabulous.  Without your detailed weekly guidance during the initial recovery process and the continued support for strengthening I would not have felt as confident as I now do now to let him off-leash at this point.  Thank you very much for this valuable information and support!   I just finished giving a review of your  TTA book.  I have attached for your information.

“My golden retriever is close to his five month recovery for TTA surgery.  Although the surgery was a success in MN, I found the surgeon’s 2 page recommended recovery process lacking in detail.  It is very important to exactly know how to do each exercise and a 2 page summary just wasn’t enough for me.  I researched the web for more detail and discovered Dr. St. Clair’s very detailed TTA recovery information. I was so relieved to see videos of how to do each week’s exercise as well as the much needed support to continue through the entire process to enable our golden to recover completely.  Oddly enough, our surgeon just said, “use common sense” and we were then left on our own at twelve weeks.  This just didn’t feel right to me.  I  e-mailed Dr. St. Clair about my concerns at week twelve of letting my dog off-leash. Dr. St. Clair immediately responded by telling me that it was not ok until both legs measured the same in muscle mass.  Since our winters are very harsh I was concerned that my golden would lose whatever strength he had gained going forward due to a decreased exercise schedule during our icy/cold conditions.  I also found a rehab facility through Dr. St. Clair’s website in Oakdale MN which specializes in PT for dogs recovering from TTA surgery.  Our golden has been using an underwater treadmill and all sorts of strengthening equipment weekly and will continue for twelve weeks.  The muscle mass has improved and is near equal to the non-surgical leg.  We are now off leash in the snow for 15-30 minutes while I snowshoe!  I would not have known about the importance of continued rehab or the many exercises recommended if it had not been for Dr. St. Clair’s website and TTA guide.  I truly believe that without Dr. St. Clair’s caring help and detailed guidance for TTA recovery, our golden would not be as strong as he is now.  I cannot emphasize how important it is to follow Dr. St. Clair’s instructions completely to ensure that your beloved pet recovers to their full potential.  By the way, this is the first time I have written such a glowing recommendation for any product.  This is the real deal and you will not find another detailed TTA recovery explanation better than this.  “

 Thank you Dr. James!