Hi Dr J,

I just wanted to thank you for having the info available on your site to aid my dog in his acl recovery. His leg is completely healed, and he is doing great. During the healing time, I kept my Bruiser on Cosequin instead of putting him on the Glycanaid  because he seemed to be doing good on it. About two months after his surgery he started favoring his other leg, in which we found out he has arthritis. He was doing bad. He was stiff and could barely walk. When I attempted to walk him, he would sit after ten steps. I couldn’t understand, he’d recovered so nicely from the acl surgery. I didn’t want to keep giving him the Deramaxx, I went back to your site and discovered the Glycanaid HA. After reading your recommendation and other customer reviews, I bought it. Bruiser has been on it for a week and a half and there is already so much improvement. In fact yesterday we completed our first 30 minute walk without stopping every ten steps, he walked the entire time without stopping from pain! I am confident he will get stronger and stronger each day through the use of this product. Thank you so much, your advice and tools to help are amazing!

Thank you!