Our dog Bailey (7 yrs old)  had TPLO surgery in January.   We studied the TopDog Health guidebook and website.  Then we ordered the GlycanAid product in hopes to speed up the recovery process. Bailey recovered very well!   Our vet was nicely surprised at her progress when we took her in for her follow up visit.

We decided that we would give the other two dogs the GlycanAid as well.  We started our 10 year old German Shepard on it who would limp a bit after getting up from laying down. We also started our MinPin on it.  She was on carprofen because she would actually favor one of her back hind legs and would walk around hopping along with the other three legs.

Since we started them on the GlycanAid in February, the Shepherd is no longer limping when he gets up from his naps  The MinPin has not favored the one hind leg and runs around the yard and up/down the stairs without any problems.  She is no longer on the carprofen.

Thank you for the great resources on the website and the miracle supplement!