Hi Dr. Stclair,

My name is Jody and almost 2 years ago, my dog Nutmeg (Nutty) had to have an FHO done. I work as a receptionist in a vet clinic and this was the surgery the vet recommended as I could not afford a total hip replacement at Ohio State University. Nutty weighs about 88 pounds, a husky mix. She is a pound puppy, got her at 6 weeks. However, she does have severe hip dysplasia and one hip became dislocated and would not stay in the socket….which wasn’t formed enough to hold the ball in there. To make a long story short, we had the surgery and the vet gave me no go home instructions except to keep her quiet. Duh!!!! That’s when I got online and found your rehab booklet. I printed it out and did therapy on her 3 times a day….as much of it as I could do. Needless to say, the moist heat, massages and exercises helped her tremendously.

When I told the vet about my discovery of your booklet online….he got kind of crappy with me and said we shouldn’t be looking online for medical advice. Ha!!!….when he did another FHO….guess what?…he asked me for your booklet that I downloaded. And then later again….he asked for it for another patient. So I’m going to see if he’ll order your Guides…he’s heard me tell people that I got the booklet from Top Dog and I’ve referred people to your website. Not sure how many actually go there, but I have told people about it.  My dog is doing wonderful, thanks to the vet but also, many thanks to you for the therapy I was able to help her through. She leads a normal life and you’d never be able to tell she’s even had surgery. She does great.

Many thanks!