My 2 year old shelter dog, Taffy, a pit-boxer-lab mix, injured her rear leg by rough housing with a doggie playmate.  I took her to the vet (not a vet I would go to again) and she had x-rays.  Her diagnosis was a cruciate ligament injury and I was told it would cost $3,800.00 to repair it and it would take a long time to recover after the  surgery.  I decided not to put her through the surgery and try to help her repair her injury.  Well, trying to keep her quiet was pretty impossible.  I looked online and found some information regarding supplements that could help repair her injury.  I have another 13 year old dog that had that surgery over 8 years ago and it cost $1,700.00 then but his ligament was actually completely torn apart, not just injured.  His name is Niko.  He is getting old and arthritic and was having trouble getting up the two stairs into the house.

So, first I tried a different supplement and it helped some but not enough.  So, I found Glycanaid HA online and decided it could help both my dogs.  I ordered the Glycanaid HA and am so happy with the results for both my dogs.  Niko now has no problem getting up the stairs and Taffy is walking and running without any limp at all.  She is completely healed and it is hard to believe she is the same dog that the vet said needed the expensive surgery.  Being young helped her too but I owe her recovery to Glycanaid HA.  I recommend it to anyone with dogs suffering with pain while moving.  Keep up the good work helping our pets.

Thank you!