Our cockapoo, Brandi had two ACL surgeries last year- one a year ago in October and the other one in January. We started using GlycanAid HA after reading about it in Dr. James St. Clair’s Recovery Guide. I was really concerned that Brandi would not be able to run and hike or go on long walk the way she always did because of the fact that she was 9 and it was a tough recovery because of the winter we had. She was not walking with a normal gait and was having difficulty with the stairs. Well here it is a year later and no one can believe that she is 10 or that she had 2 ACL surgeries in the past year. She is back to her playful ways and I really believe the GlycanAid HA aided her recovery. This past summer she was swimming and hiking and hopping over logs on the trail as if she were still a puppy. I’m so glad I found this website and this product.