We have a 15 year old Bichon Frise that over the last several weeks, began to suffer some difficulty jumping up on the places she could normally get to, without problems. We noticed that she just couldn’t get the spring from her back legs. We took her to our vet for a “Senior” checkup and they provided a diagnosis of mild osteoarthritis in her hips and provided a litany of medical solutions, from laser, weekly injections of anti-inflammatory drugs, Metacam, Omega 3, and then a passing suggestion of a glucosamine product. Having had experience in our own life of the help from glucosamine, I began investigating products and found yours due to the very high recommendations and 5 star reviews.

Long story short, we started her on your product, GlycanAid HA, loading dosing of one tablet a day, beginning on Friday 21, Aug, on Sat after 2 full tablets she was moving much more vigorously and seemed to navigate much better. By Saturday night she actually jumped up on a chair that she hadn’t been able to reach just 48 hours previously. By Sunday, 72 hours she was managing to jump up on most of the higher locations where before she would just sit at and whine to be lifted up.

We are now at 4 days and counting and she seems to be improving her mobility to where she was 12 months ago or more and we look forward to keeping her in this condition well into her later years. We will advise of her progress since she is our “Top Dog”. Thanks again.