Hi Dr. J. and Staff,

I just wanted to send a quick note to say “thank you” all for your support and information for my dog Quincys recovery.  I found your sight by accident about 1 week prior to my dogs surgery.  I have to say that If not for you sight, I would have no idea how to help my dog recover.  I printed the TPLO recovery guide and studied it from page to page.  It now looks like an old book because I refer to it all the time to see what I should be doing.  My dog is now 8 weeks post TPLO and he is doing very well.  Due to the information on your website and the recovery guide, my vet was amazed at  how well Quincy is using his leg and how little muscle loss he has.  If not for the information and TPLO guide, I think my dog would be weeks behind in his recovery.  In addition, I ordered the Glycanaid HA and Flexerna and see a huge difference in him.  I will continue to use these supplements for him as he is 8 years old and will need them for the rest of his years.  So thank you again, and I will continue to come to your website for information as well as ordering the amazing supplements you offer.