Hi Dr J.,

Thanks for your mail. My dog Lily had TPLO surgery in Oct. 2012. We were very thankful for your help with the recovery using all your suggestions for getting her back on her feet. Unfortunately she has a very sensitive stomach and every time I gave her the GlycanAid HA, she got diarrhea, so I kept my jar sitting on the counter, reading all the wonderful stories about how it helped other dogs.

She still had a slight limp after 2.5 years but so far she was doing well with the other leg. When I had the feeling that her stomach was improving, I started her on small doses of GlycanAid HA about 2 months ago because we adopted a new puppy (5 month same breed lab/pit mix). They took to each other like a duck to water. Lily and Basti are wild players and she is so much more active, her limp has disappeared and she is using both hind legs now equally and we can see that she is developing more muscle on the TPLO leg, this after keeping her on GlycanAid HA for 2 months.