When I found out my dog needed ACL surgery I went searching the Internet and found the TopDog website. There was a wealth of material that provided me with the information and confidence to give my pet meaningful rehab treatments. I especially found the booklet with the 12-week program invaluable with just the right amount of detail. I also took full advantage of the video examples of rehab procedures I’d never done, products that helped me lift her, and supplements especially designed for joint healing. It was far beyond what I received from our vet and made me feel inspired and confident to give my dog the post-surgery care she needed. As it turns out, my vet was so pleased with my dog’s quick healing, and interested in this website in order to encourage people to really give their pets the time they need to heal from this kind of surgery. He plans to refer the website to other people whose dogs will be having this surgery. I imagine TopDog’s wealth of information and support has saved many a dog from re-injury due to inadequate or improper post-surgical care.