We started our 8 year old Golden Retriever Brinkley on GlycanAid HA Factor in April 2013 and added our 14 year old Lab/Chow mix Ozzy during the summer of 2013. I’ll detail our journey for you since I think it really shows what the supplement was up against, especially with our dog Brinkley.

Brinkley was about 5 when she slipped on the ice in December 2010. Our veterinarian found no apparent injury after she was checked out the next day, and was walking normally within 24 hours.

In March 2011, we were hiking and suddenly she started to drag her left leg. We immediately took her to our vet, who thought she had partially torn her ACL. Treatment was watch and wait for about 12 weeks. At that time, she was still limping a little, so we took her to another vet who said she had a ruptured disc and just to wait.

By January 2012, we’d had enough and went to an orthopedic surgeon for a consultation. They also believed she had partially torn her ACL but we’re not sure. She was sent home on Prednisone to see if that would help.

Three weeks later, she came in the house and would not put weight on her left leg. We took her back to the orthopedic surgeon and she had completely torn her left ACL. She had TTA surgery and recovered fairly well (after a few missing staple incidents, despite a constant cone on her head). However, she still limped a bit on that leg, even months after surgery.

On Halloween 2012, my husband let her out late at night. At that point, she was back on leash restrictions just in case. She came back in and couldn’t walk on either of her back legs, just sort of waddled. We took her to the orthopedic surgeon immediately. He determined she had now completely torn her right ACL, and she had torn the meniscus on the left. She had surgery that day (another TTA on her right, and released meniscus on her left).

By April 2013, her right leg had healed well but she still had a left limp. We went to a veterinary research hospital and they went in to check the meniscus and release it if possible. When they opened her leg, her meniscus was gone (still can’t get my head around a muscle coming up missing, but they said sometimes it’s absorbed- crazy!). They said there was nothing else for them to do.

After this prognosis, with a 7 year old dog that looked longingly at her dusty tennis ball collection, I started looking for other answers. I found your product online and was amazed at the 100% positive reviews on Amazon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a product, especially health-related, that did not have a negative review. We started her immediately and within a few weeks, she walked so much better!

That said, she’s not able to run around and chase tennis balls or take long walks but she has much more mobility than before. She can walk outside to wander and eliminate, and run for a short bit. No active limping on a daily basis unless she over-exerts, and then a little ice (and if it’s a pronounced limp, a half Rimadyl) seems to do the trick overnight. Our 14 year old started on the GlycanAid HA Factor after his arthritis really started to bother him (and about 13 years after he tore one of his ACLs). He is also much more mobile and often looks like a puppy running around his yard.

Just want to thank you for your product. Brinkley especially would have a much lower quality of life without it.