Thank you for your persistent contact and information.  Daisy my cairn terrier, is recovering very nicely from her cruciate surgery about 4 months ago.  Although she is much more active and is now jumping up on the couch she is slow to get up from rest.  When she’s been sleeping she has a pronounced limp when she starts moving.

We have been using GlycanAid HA since her tear and I feel it helps.  She LOVES it.  Daisy takes her GlycanAid HA right before bed.  As soon as she sees the bottle she bounces into her crate and sits at attention. It is a great treat.

I have added Flexerna to her morning meal for additional support.  My biggest fear is having the other cruciate tear.  Daisy weighs 16 lbs and I give her 1 tablet every evening.  Thanks for your support.