My baby boy Buster is the love of my life, but things have not always been easy for him.  Due to genetics, at a young age, Buster required surgery to replace the ACLs in both knees.  In addition, Buster suffers from severe seasonal allergies and the only effective treatment for relief was steroids. Needless to say, this remedy caused Buster to gain a significant amount of weight and limit his mobility.

Once arthritis sent in a couple of years ago, Buster began to limp, and I feared that my faithful companion would never be able to go on long walks with me ever again.

Fortunately that same year while attending the New England Pet Expo, I was educated about the natural benefits of GlycanAid.  I ordered some of the HA-Factor version of this product and started giving Buster two GlycanAid chewable tablets every day.  In a short period of time, not only did Buster’s lameness go away, but he seemed more energetic and was interested in going on longer walks.

I religiously give Buster his GlycanAid tablets every day which he enjoys as a tasty treat.  Please see the attached picture for proof of that.  My never-ending gratitude goes out to Top Dog Health organization for giving my boy his mobility back.  You have helped to make me one happy dog owner and have made Buster the world’s Happiest Puggle.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.