We found the TopDog Rehab guide for TPLO surgery on the same day that  our 5 year old Golden Retriever, Angus, had his first TPLO surgery. Thank goodness we did. Without the TopDog guide, we would have been at  a considerable disadvantage in terms of helping Angus to heal and  regain mobility and strength. Our orthopedic veterinarian provided about three typed pages of confusing notes. They explained the  immediate post-op care for the first three days and what to watch for  in terms of abnormal reaction to the surgery. They also contained  general instructions to show up for an x-ray in eight weeks and then
to start movement … and not much else.

The TopDog guide, on the other hand, provides step-by-step information for the first few days and then for every week during the process. It  also contains photos and you can view related videos on the TopDog website. I firmly believe both the dog and the owners are helped by  these guides.

Angus needed TPLO on his other leg four months after the first surgery (this was not a surprise. We knew at the start he would need both  done). When the second surgery was completed I needed to download and  print a new copy of the TPLO guide. Why? The first one was so well-worn and dog-eared that it was falling apart. That’s how much use it  got. And after 8-10 weeks, the second guide was in the same condition.

I recommend the TopDog TPLO rehab guide without hesitation. It helped  our beloved dog heal more quickly and become stronger faster. And it  helped my husband and me get through a very stressful experience with  more confidence and assurance than we would have with just the  information provided by our vet. The TopDog guide was free. I would  have gladly paid for it … twice.