Dear Dr. James,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with Sadie’s progress after her ACL surgery. Although we haven’t been able, due to time constraints, to follow your protocol to the letter, we’ve had great success. Sadie is now solidly on all four legs after 7 years (negligent previous owners) of lameness. It’s still too soon to let her run off the leash but she is trotting along at a good pace and doing great at hill climbing. We hope to get her out on the hiking trail for short hikes very soon after we check in with her vet and get his approval.

We were very concerned about Sadie’s recovery due to the length of time she’d been without the use of her leg. But thanks to Dr. Hawman and your booklet, we’ve got her up and running (almost). Thank you so much for your guidance.