Hello Dr St Clair!

Wally had his surgery 4/14/16 and no tear to the other hind knee – hooray! He will be 5 years old next week and he has been through a lot already in his life.

We followed your rehab guide extremely close after his surgery and thank goodness for all the help. The Orthopedic Vet did a great job with the surgery, but could do a better job educating patients on the after care and rehab. I did share your guide with the Vet practice in the hopes that they would recommend it for future patients. We did the rehab on our own and it was never suggested by the Vet post op.
Wally had a set back last August – 4 months after surgery – in which they felt he pulled something in the surgical leg. No exercise for him at that point. Then……I myself suffered a very bad foot injury and no walking for me. Neither of us were able to walk for months and months, and we both put on a few pounds. Not good for Wally’s joints.

Wally was diagnosed February of this year with arthritis, which significantly increased from 6 months ago. We are swimming him, both now back to daily walking, laser therapy, adequan injections and of course, doing the rehab exercises from your guide. The interesting thing is that until Wally was diagnosed with the arthritis and we addressed the symptoms of the arthritis, rehab exercises were never recommended by the Orthopedic Vet. Strange that they were not proactive. We still give Wally your Glycanaid supplement and will for the rest of his life, We also have dropped some of his weight!

So, thanks for all your information, support and care. You are an amazing person and I tell everyone about you every chance that I get!!!!!