Dear Dr. St. Clair, I purchased the GlycanAid-HA after my pug-mix Barkley completely tore his ACL and our vet referred him to a surgeon to have it repaired. I took the bottle to the surgeon during our consultation, and he was impressed with the ingredients and enthusiastically gave us the go-ahead to give it to our dog. He had TPLO surgery, as well as repair of a luxating patella, that same day and it is now two weeks post-surgery. He just had his two-week post-op checkup and is doing great–walking on the repaired leg most of the time now. I feel this is due in part because of the GlycanAid-HA as well as our wonderful surgeon. Barkley will continue on this for several months and then start on the GlycanAid Maintenance Formula. No problem in getting my dog to take the pills–he looks forward to it. Thank you Top Dog Health for a wonderful product. I also want to thank you for the great information about the TPLO surgery on your website—what to expect and the guidelines for week-by-week recovery. It has been a lifesaver, and I will continue to refer to it over the next several weeks throughout Barkley’s recovery.