Hi Dr.!

Thank you so much for your courteous email! I have been a long time satisfied customer of TopDog, for almost 3 years now, specifically GlycanAid HA.

I want to thank you for introducing me to GlycanAid HA, as I even called in years ago and was given the utmost best expertise and advice when first introducing my husky to the product. This product saved my Roxy, and transformed her life, so thank you! Prior to using the product, my Roxy had a mild ACL tear (in addition to already moderate arthritis setting in), and I opted not to do surgery based on her age (I believe she was 9 or ten at that time). Roxy’s arthritis starting getting worse, and her hind legs would fail her when hopping on the couch (which she wasn’t even allowed to do). I got Roxy on GlycanAid HA and followed the usage recommendation after calling in, till the day she passed this January (not due to arthritis side effects, etc), she STILL bounced around like a pup (just slept more). I have now continued to purchase GlycanAid HA for my mom’s maltipoo, Charlie. And it has been his miracle worker. He no longer grumbles when touching his back, and she gave him a new nickname – Sparky…because he is a bouncy new dog every morning now! He no longer walks, but RUNS everywhere he goes! So thank you!!! And I have now adopted a 5 year old Husky, and will be getting her on Glycanaid HA as well!