Thanks to her surgeon and YOU DD is doing great.  She had her TPLO surgery on Feb 9 which went very well; her staples were removed on Feb 23, again uneventful and will return for follow-up x-rays on Mar 14 or 15.  We are now 3 weeks out from her surgery and she is feeling so good it is a real challenge. A little background: DD Puppers is 78 lb, female pit bull 8 years of age. I am a 74 year old woman who weighs twice as much as DD but less than half the strength:) However, DD has been the best patient since the surgery and she is still very patient with me!

Since your protocols and her surgeons are so close we are following your TPLO recovery booklet and if our success keeps compounding DD and I are going to have a very pleasant old age.  Thanks for your interest and concern.