Thank you very much – I love your website and the “personal” feel I get from the follow-up emails and advice.  My dog required TWO surgeries as a result of a fall while hunting that dislocated his right hip.  The second surgery was necessary because the vet did not realize (during the first repair) that the head of his femur was fractured, so the mesh repair didn’t work and a FHO was necessary.

It’s been a long haul for sure (we’re approaching 3 months from the initial injury) but thanks to your brochure of physical therapy exercises we’ve been able to make progress and the other day he actually stood flat-footed and bore weight on the leg for the first time.  In addition to your therapy regimen, I found a place where we can do hydrotherapy as well.  So I’m optimistic that the combination will bring him back to a [relatively] normal state.  “D’Art” loves the GlycanAid supplements.  We’re still on our first bottle (I give him 1 morning and night) and I’ll continue the regimen after this bottle is gone.  I’ve also recommended it to a friend, whose dog has been having her own issues with her back legs and lower spine.

I’ve also recommended your website to a NUMBER of people.  (Including giving you credit in an article I just wrote about “D’Art’s Misadventure” for our Breed Club Newsletter.)  D’Art is a field trial and show champion – and GREAT hunting dog.  Our goal is to hopefully get him to a point where he can hunt again.  Maybe not field trial, but at least hunt – because he loves it so much and he is such a joy to hunt over.  I am so grateful for the guidance I’ve got from you.  I know it is helping.  THANKS!