Our 2 year old American Bulldog, Meathead, had his TPLO on March 14, 2011.  Even though we are only two weeks into his recovery I wanted to write and say what a help TopDog has been to my husband and me.  Post-op day 3 we brought Meathead home and his leg was extensively bruised and swollen.  They kept him an extra day due to the amount of the swelling and oozing he was experiencing.  I’m a registered nurse and I have a background in joint surgeries, but I can’t imagine someone with no medical knowledge feeling confident caring for a pet following this type of surgery.

Before Meathead ever came home I’d done a ton a research on what to expect, but I wanted to find something that could be a reference for my husband on the nights that I’m at work.  I found that in TopDog.  Your week to week guide was exactly what we needed.  Week one:  Ice the leg!  There’s my husband was in the pen with Meathead, the ice pack and a towel.  Week two:  Moist heat, massage and passive range of motion.  Again…  There’s my husband in the pen with Meathead.

 Not only are your instruction technically correct, but I think that by spending the time with Meathead in the pen he gets bonding time with us.  Meathead isn’t accustomed to being confined all the time and sometimes I can tell he’s getting depressed and anxious.  The time we spend with him icing, massaging or moving the joints still allows for time to snuggle with Meathead.

Meathead has his first follow up appointment tomorrow!  Crossing my fingers that everything is on track.