Dr. J,
I was a veterinary surgical tech for many years and I’m very knowledgable in animal health, large and small animals. I’m very, very skeptical with it comes to supplements claiming big improvements.

Glycanaid? All I know to say is WOW, WOW, and WOW! My 14 year old rat terrier had been stiff in his front legs and his hind legs were starting to collapse when he’d stand up on them. I know all too well the side effects of pred and I didn’t want him on it long term, and pain meds help, but they just mask.

I truly wish I had taken before video of my boy. We just finished the 14 day loading dose and honestly I was not expecting any real results for 6+ weeks. We live in the country on a farm in a leash free world… I can’t keep up with him! He is standing strong on his hind legs for treats. He even brought the cows in at feeding time yesterday.

He is attempting to jump up on the bed again and I believe he’s going to succeed soon!

I wish all veterinarians would carry this product. I have also given my boy the Flexerna oil. The results are nothing short of phenomenal! No side effects either!!

Thank you, thank you!! I know he’s in his golden years and we all wish they’d live longer, but now he can enjoy himself again…. and I have peace of mind knowing he is comfortable and NOT ON PRED!!

Thank you again!!!