Dear Dr J-

Our almost nine year old German shepherd was having a very hard time going up stairs, and getting up from lying on the floor. We were starting to get worried, but later began to come to terms with the fact that he was getting older and that these types of things would become harder for him to do. He had been on Dasuquin, for about a year, but we never quite saw the results we had hoped for. And then we discovered GlycanAid HA. What drew us to this product was the fact that it contains hyaluronic acid. The reviews seemed too good to be true, but we figured we had nothing to risk by trying the product, only everything to gain. We started Bucky on 8 tablets for the first 3 weeks, and then transitioned to 4 on a daily basis. Not only does Bucky love the taste, and anxiously awaits getting the GlycanAid HA everyday (we think he believes they are his treats), and eats them without us having to sneak them in between a piece of cheese or peanut butter, we have seen a remarkable change in Bucky’s energy level. He’s been going up and down the stairs, so playful with other pups, and gets up off the ground with ease. Words can’t express what this product means to us. Seeing Bucky happy and so full of life is priceless, and I am certain that we have GlycanAid HA to thank for this. We are forever grateful to you Dr J, and are true believers in all your products, and will be without a doubt, customers for life.