My German Shepherd has been on GlycanAid-HA and Flexerna for over a month and is doing really well. He’s moving about far better than before – although in fairness he’s also recovering from TPLO surgery, so I’d expect him to be doing better. The thing is before surgery his other knee seemed to have issues as well and that knee had to do extra weight-bearing while he recovered from the surgery. So the fact that he’s not favoring either leg and able to get up readily and anxious to do all sorts of activity says to me he’s doing a lot better. He loves the  GlycanAid-HA and seems to view it as a treat rather than something I have to trick him into taking, which makes it easier for me. He’s doing so well, I have no intention of stopping the GlycanAid-HA even though empirically that would be a better testament as to its effectiveness. While there are other somewhat similar products out there, TopDog seems dedicated to making sure that the ingredients are first-rate, not cheaper less effective versions. And if you have questions, Dr. J. will respond to you himself, which increases my confidence in these products.